About Us

July 2021 Update:

The Coin4Clutter.com classifieds directory is for sale.  Selling price is negotiable and and includes the additional domain coinforclutter.com.  Discussions will be held on a strictly confidential basis and will require proof of funds ahead of discussions. Contact us using our contact form or by calling 908.912.4441.

Coin4Clutter.com is a unique on-line marketplace where sellers of household "clutter" meet buyers.  Coin4Clutter was born out of the desire of one New Jersey native's interest in decluttering his house and garage of things that had been accumulated over years, but no longer needed.  Having a genuine dislike of traditional garage and yard sales, he set out to replicate the process on-line.  Coin4Clutter.com was conceived in 2015 and brought to life in late 2020.

Our website is a free-to-use website connecting sellers of unwanted items with buyers.  Over the years, we all accumulate items that at some point become unwanted or unneeded.  Instead of simply letting this stuff pile up around your house, in the garage or attic, Coin4Clutter.com gives users a convenient and easy-to-use website to post the item and connect with buyers.  Coin4Clutter is free for both buyers and sellers with no posting fees, transaction fees, etc.  We're based in New Jersey right outside of NYC, but we offer users in all 50 states the opportunity to post their clutter for others to view.  We hope you enjoy using the website and as we always like to say...  One person's trash is another one's treasure.  You can contact us in our office at 908.912.4441 or use our contact form.

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