Wee Forest Folk For Sale


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Over 150 Wee Forest Folk for sale in this collection.  All come with original boxes and were kept in a dust-free curio cabinet in a smoke-free home.   Prices start as low as $20.  Discounts for multiple purchases. Please research the prices on these before contacting me and don’t waste your time with low-ball offers. Most of these Wee Forest Folk for sale are retired or special limited edition pieces maintained by a 30 year collector. If you want one for $10, go to ebay and have fun.  Click here to visit the Official Wee Forest Folk for sale website.  Check out our animation art collectibles too.

Wee Forest Folk for sale

B-13 Windy Day
CC-1 Scrooge
CC-2 Bob Cratchit & Tiny Tim
CC-3 Marley’s Ghost
CC-4 Ghost of Christmas Past
CC-5 Ghost of Christmas Present
CC-6 Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
CC-7 The Fezziwigs
FS-6 Picnic on the Riverbank small chip on back of ear
M-40 Miss Bobbin yellow
M-40 Miss Bobbin Valentine’s Day limited 2002
M-53 Flower Girl blue
M-60 Mom & Squeaky Clean
M-61 Little Devil Mouse Expo 1999 purple
M-61 Little Devil red
M-80 Girl Sweetheart yellow
M-80 Girl Sweetheart Lena’s Gifts pink/wht dots
M-80 Girl Sweetheart Tottenham Court lt. Blue w/green plaid apron
M-80 Girl Sweetheart Collector’s Haven red w/white apron
M-80 Girl Sweetheart Crystallia white w/red apron
M-80 Girl Sweetheart lavender
M-80a Be Mine lavender
M-82 Easter Bunny Mouse yellow
M-82 Easter Bunny Mouse Collector’s Haven pink/wht dots
M-84 SnowMouse and Friend red snowsuit
M-87 Holly Mouse mauve
M-94 Cupid Mouse pink
M-99 Birthday Girl lavender
M-100 Mousey’s Cone
M-101 Mousey’s Tricycle red
M-103 Rocking Tot
M-107a Chief Geronimouse
M-107b Running Doe & Little Dear
M-111 Spring Gardener Collector’s Haven green w/ clover
M-111 Spring Gardener Old Worlde purple w/lavender & blue flowers
M-111 Spring Gardener Pinnochio’s lavender
M-118 Peter’s Pumpkin
M-119 Prudence Pie Maker
M-123 Under the Chris-Mouse Tree
M-125 Quilting Bea yellow
M-125 Quilting Bea Cranberry Moose Betsy Ross
M-125 Quilting Bea Christmas Colors
M-130 Mouse Talk
M-133 Field Mouse Mole Hole – Portland, OR Orange tractor
M-134 First Date Christmas Colors
M-134 First Date Noah’s purple couch and dress
M-135 Waltzing Mathilda pink
M-138 Fun Float Whimsey Hollow r,w,b – flag
M-140 Just Checking Collector’s Haven teal/pink flowers
M-146 Miss Noel Dark Green (disc. Color)
M-146 Miss Noel Dreams in the Attic pink
M-148 Tooth Fairy Mouse Expo 98 purple
M-148 Tooth Fairy Collector’s Haven persimmon
M-152 Scooter Mouse red scooter
M-153a Trumpet Mouse Entire blue
M-153b Drummer Mouse set blue
M-153c Tuba Mouse $200 red
M-154 Bat Mouse
M-155 Littlest Witch & Skeleton
M-158 Aloha
M-159 Forty Winks blue
M-161 Commencement Day
M-162 Prima Ballerina blue
M-163 Elf Tales blue
M-164 Father Chris Mouse white
M-166 Chris Mouse Slipper red slipper
M-167 Colleen O’Green green skirt
M-169 Hans & Greta
M-171 Zelda black
M-171 Zelda white Glitter Girl
M-171 Zelda Presence purple
M-171 Zelda Lena’s Gifts black w/red flower
M-171 Zelda San Jose Collectibles peach
M-171 Zelda Folktoberfest 1999 black w/ orange accents
M-171 Zelda Whimsey Hollow white w/ pink flounce
M-174 The Nutcracker
M-175 Mousies Egg Factory
M-177 Tea for Three
M-178 Night Prayer
M-179 Sea Sounds blue
M-179 Sea Sounds Whimsey Hollow Flag trunks
M-179 Sea Sounds Collector’s Haven Purple trunks w/ flowers
M-179 Sea Sounds San Jose Collectibles Periwinkle trunks w/starfish
M-180 April Showers green
M-180 April Showers yellow
M-180 April Showers black
M-180 April Showers blue
M-180 April Showers Concord Mousetrap orange
M-180 April Showers Concord Mousetrap maroon
M-180 April Showers Pinocchio’s teal w/white dots
M-180 April Showers Presence purple
M-180 April Showers Marie Claire Gifts navy
M-180 April Showers Collector’s Haven green w/sailboat on slicker
M-180 April Showers Presence dk grn slicker w/grn, red plaid hat
M-180 April Showers RWB limited 2002
M-180 April Showers St. Patrick’s Day limited 2003
M-180 April Showers white w/ flowers
M-180 April Showers yellow w/ umbrella
M-182 Miss Daisy
M-183 Peek-a-Boo
M-185 Old Black Stove
M-187 Adam’s Apples
M-188 Snow Buddies lt. Blue
M-195b Lady Mousebatten Village Gifts green
M-196a One-Mouse Band
M-196a One-Mouse Band RWB limited 2002
M-209 Caught in the Act Old World red dress
M-209 Caught in the Act Noah’s purple dress
M-210 Heavenly Slumber
M-211 Wanderlust Collector’s Haven eggplant, earthtones
M-212 Ice Angel yellow
M-216 Little Pirate Kidd Collector’s Haven hot pink & black shirt
M-220 Mousey’s Bake Sale pink
M-221 String of Hearts Lena’s Gift Gallery pink w/wht dots/gold heart
M-225 Scary Stories
M-233 Love’s Me Noah’s peach dress/wht stripes *small chip*
M-234 Sun Snoozer Noah’s purple / green
M-236 Alone at Last purple trunks
M-237a Patient Lucy RWB
M-246 Sugar and Spice Halloween limited 2002
M-255 Hattie St. Patrick’s Day limited 2002
M-261 Double Delight bluejeans
M-264 Mall Mom Mole Hole mole hole on bag
M-264 Mall Mom Christmas Colors
M-267 Ace RWB limited 2002
M-270 Pedal Pusher RWB limited 2002
M-274 Easter Eggmobile
M-277 Yummy RWB limited
M-278 Little Dipper yellow suit
M-282b Her Music Lesson
M-283 Farm Boy
M-285 Tea with Tillie
M-293 Catfish Cove
M-293 Catfish Cove RWB limited
MMO-1 Stand by your Mole
MO-3 Mole’s New Sled brown sled
MO-4b Mole Belly Whopper
MO-5 Jackie O. Mole pink
MS-9 Skier Mouse blue
MS-11 Two in a Canoe blue
MS-13 Tennis Anyone?
MS-14 Fishin’ Chip
MS-15 Joe Di’Mousio blue/white
MS-15 Joe Di’Mousio Colonial House of Collectibles Cleveland Indians
MS-15 Joe Di’Mousio Mole Hole – Palos Park, IL ChiSox (damaged) – pinstripes
MS-15 Joe Di’Mousio Mole Hole – Palos Park, IL ChiSox – black shirt/pinstripes
MS-15 Joe Di’Mousio Mole Hole – Denver, CO Colorado Rockies
MS-15 Joe Di’Mousio Whimsey Hollow Green shirt w/”WFF” “#1”
MS-15 Joe Di’Mousio Marie Claire Gifts Anaheim Angels
MS-15 Joe Di’Mousio Great Midwest Craft Market Milwaukee Brewers
MS-17 Benched KC Collectibles KC Chiefs
MS-17 Benched Colonial House of Collectibles Cleveland Browns
MS-17 Benched Curio Cabinet Ohio State Univ.
MS-17 Benched Mole Hole – Beaverton, OR Univ. of Oregon
MS-17 Benched Copper Cricket r,w,b
MS-17 Benched Mole Hole – Denver, CO Denver Broncos
MS-17 Benched Presence Oakland Raiders
MS-18 Victor medal stand included gold medal
MS-18 Victor Collector’s Haven silver
MS-18 Victor Collector’s Haven bronze
MS-20 Phil Mouseposito
MS-20 Phil Mouseposito Village Gifts San Jose Sharks
MS-20 Phil Mouseposito MVC San Jose Sharks
MS-21 Go Long New England stores New England Patriots SB 2002
MS-24b Lightweight
PM-2 Waterbugs Marie Claire Gifts Navy and other cool colors
N/A 1998 Collector’s Piece
N/A WFF Plaque
N/A WFF Notecards set of 12 (4 sets available)
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  • Condition: Like New
  • Willing to Ship: Maybe