Wee Forest Folk For Sale

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Collection below has been sold.  Please check back to Coin4Clutter.com in the future for more Wee Forest Folk listings by other WFF owners.  This website receives a lot of hits from collectors of Wee Forest Folk and other collectibles.

Dozens of Wee Forest Folk for sale in this collection.  All come with original boxes and were kept in a dust-free curio cabinet in a smoke-free home.   Prices start as low as $20.  Discounts for multiple purchases.   Most of these Wee Forest Folk for sale are retired or special limited edition pieces maintained by a 30 year collector.

List is updated as of 2/5/2022.  We will try to keep it updated as frequently as possible here since we are getting a lot of inquiries off this posting.

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Wee Forest Folk for sale

B-13 Windy Day
C-1a Cinderella’s Slipper
C-2 The Ugly Stepsisters
C-3 The Mean Stepmother
C-4 The Flower Girls yellow/pink
C-5 Cinderella’s Wedding
C-6 The Flower Girl blue
C-7 The Fairy Godmother
CC-2 Bob Cratchit & Tiny Tim
CC-7 The Fezziwigs
FS-6 Picnic on the Riverbank small chip on back of ear
Ltd-5 At the Mouseum 1997 Limited Edition
Ltd-6 Any Birdie Home? 1999 Limited Edition
Ltd-7 The Milestone 2001 Limitd Edition
Ltd-10 A Stitch in Time
M-32 Chris Miss
M-40 Miss Bobbin yellow
M-40 Miss Bobbin Valentine’s Day limited 2002
M-52 Mother’s Helper
M-53 Flower Girl blue
M-60 Mom & Squeaky Clean
M-61 Little Devil Mouse Expo 1999 purple
M-61 Little Devil red
M-78 Moon Mouse
M-80 Girl Sweetheart yellow
M-80 Girl Sweetheart Lena’s Gifts pink/wht dots
M-80 Girl Sweetheart Tottenham Court lt. Blue w/green plaid apron
M-80 Girl Sweetheart Collector’s Haven red w/white apron
M-80 Girl Sweetheart Crystallia white w/red apron
M-80a Be Mine lavender
M-80b From the Heart RWB limited 2002
M-82 Easter Bunny Mouse yellow
M-84 SnowMouse and Friend red snowsuit
M-93 First Christmouse
M-94 Cupid Mouse pink
M-99 Birthday Girl lavender
M-100 Mousey’s Cone
M-101 Mousey’s Tricycle red
M-103 Rocking Tot
M-106 Pack Mouse
M-108 Rope’em Mousey
M-111 Spring Gardener Collector’s Haven green w/ clover
M-111 Spring Gardener Old Worlde purple w/lavender & blue flowers
M-111 Spring Gardener Pinnochio’s lavender
M-118 Peter’s Pumpkin
M-119 Prudence Pie Maker
M-125 Quilting Bea
M-125 Quilting Bea Cranberry Moose Betsy Ross
M-125 Quilting Bea Christmas Colors
M-130 Mouse Talk
M-133 Field Mouse green
M-133 Field Mouse Mole Hole – Portland, OR Orange tractor
M-135 Waltzing Mathilda pink
M-138 Fun Float Whimsey Hollow r,w,b – flag
M-140 Just Checking Collector’s Haven teal/pink flowers
M-142 Chris Mouse Stocking lt. Blue
M-146 Miss Noel Dark Green (disc. Color)
M-146 Miss Noel Dreams in the Attic pink
M-148 Tooth Fairy Mouse Expo 98 purple
M-148 Tooth Fairy Collector’s Haven persimmon
M-152 Scooter Mouse red scooter
M-153a Trumpet Mouse blue
M-153b Drummer Mouse blue
M-153c Tuba Mouse red
M-154 Bat Mouse
M-155 Littlest Witch & Skeleton
M-158 Aloha
M-159 Forty Winks blue
M-161 Commencement Day
M-162 Prima Ballerina blue
M-163 Elf Tales blue
M-164 Father Chris Mouse white
M-166 Chris Mouse Slipper red slipper
M-167 Colleen O’Green green skirt
M-169 Hans & Greta
M-171 Zelda black w/ purple flounce
M-171 Zelda 1997/1998 Only white Glitter Girl
M-171 Zelda Presence purple
M-171 Zelda Lena’s Gifts black w/red flower
M-171 Zelda San Jose Collectibles peach
M-171 Zelda Folktoberfest 1999 black w/ orange accents
M-171 Zelda Whimsey Hollow white w/ pink flounce
M-174 The Nutcracker
M-175 Mousies Egg Factory
M-177 Tea for Three
M-178 Night Prayer
M-179 Sea Sounds green stripes
M-179 Sea Sounds Whimsey Hollow Flag trunks
M-179 Sea Sounds Collector’s Haven Purple trunks w/ flowers
M-179 Sea Sounds San Jose Collectibles Periwinkle trunks w/starfish
M-180 April Showers green
M-180 April Showers yellow
M-180 April Showers blue
M-180 April Showers Concord Mousetrap orange
M-180 April Showers Concord Mousetrap maroon
M-180 April Showers Pinocchio’s teal w/white dots
M-180 April Showers RWB limited 2002 (2)
M-180 April Showers St. Patrick’s Day limited 2003
M-180 April Showers white w/ flowers
M-180 April Showers yellow w/ umbrella
M-180 April Showers blue w/ duck
M-181 Little Squirt
M-182 Miss Daisy
M-183 Peek-a-Boo
M-185 Old Black Stove
M-185 Old Black Stove Collector’s Haven White Stove
M-187 Adam’s Apples
M-188 Snow Buddies lt. Blue
M-189 Little Mice Who Lived in a Shoe
M-192 First Kiss 2nd base
M-194 The Mummy
M-195b Lady Mousebatten Village Gifts green
M-196a One-Mouse Band
M-196a One-Mouse Band RWB limited 2002
M-202 Yard Sale
M-209 Caught in the Act Old World red dress
M-210 Heavenly Slumber
M-211 Wanderlust Collector’s Haven eggplant, earthtones
M-212 Ice Angel yellow
M-216 Little Pirate Kidd Collector’s Haven hot pink & black shirt
M-220 Mousey’s Bake Sale pink
M-220 Mousey’s Bake Sale Collector’s Haven Halloween colors – 1 of 200
M-221 String of Hearts Lena’s Gift Gallery pink w/wht dots/gold heart
M-225 Scary Stories
M-233 Love’s Me Noah’s peach dress/wht stripes
M-234 Sun Snoozer Noah’s purple / green
M-236 Alone at last purple
M-237 Patient Lucy dk grn dress
M-237a Patient Lucy RWB
M-246 Sugar and Spice Halloween limited 2002
M-246 Sugar and Spice Easter colors
M-255 Hattie St. Patrick’s Day limited 2002
M-261 Double Delight bluejeans
M-264 Mall Mom Mole Hole mole hole on bag
M-264 Mall Mom Christmas Colors
M-267 Ace RWB limited 2002
M-269 Hot Cocoa Christmas limited 2002
M-270 Pedal Pusher RWB limited 2002
M-273a Treat & Retreat
M-274 Easter Eggmobile
M-277 Yummy RWB limited
M-278 Little Dipper yellow suit
M-281 Mallowing Out
M-282b Her Music Lesson
M-283 Farm Boy
M-285 Tea with Tillie
M-288 Mousie’s Matinee
M-293 Catfish Cove RWB
M-293 Catfish Cove
M-299a Prince Charming I Presume?
M-304b Jingle Belle
M-310 Ahoy
M-339 Sisters Ghostly Trick
M-397 Spruce up
MMO-1 Stand by your Mole
MO-3 Mole’s New Sled brown sled
MO-4b Mole Belly Whopper
MO-5 Jackie O. Mole pink
MP-6 Majorette 2006 Mouse Parade
MS-8 Skater Mouse red
MS-9 Skier Mouse blue
MS-11 Two in a Canoe blue
MS-13 Tennis Anyone?
MS-14 Fishin’ Chip
MS-15 Joe Di’Mousio blue/white
MS-15 Joe Di’Mousio Colonial House of Collectibles Cleveland Indians
MS-15 Joe Di’Mousio Mole Hole – Palos Park, IL ChiSox (damaged?) – pinstripes
MS-15 Joe Di’Mousio Mole Hole – Palos Park, IL ChiSox – black shirt/pinstripes
MS-15 Joe Di’Mousio Mole Hole – Denver, CO Colorado Rockies
MS-15 Joe Di’Mousio Marie Claire Gifts Anaheim Angels
MS-15 Joe Di’Mousio Whimsey Hollow Greeh shirt w/ WFF #1
MS-15 Joe Di’Mousio Great Midwest Craft Market Milwaukee Brewers
MS-17 Benched KC Collectibles KC Chiefs
MS-17 Benched Colonial House of Collectibles Cleveland Browns
MS-17 Benched Curio Cabinet Ohio State Univ.
MS-17 Benched Mole Hole – Beaverton, OR Univ. of Oregon
MS-17 Benched Copper Cricket r,w,b
MS-17 Benched Mole Hole – Denver, CO Denver Broncos
MS-17 Benched Presence Oakland Raiders
MS-18 Victor gold medal
MS-18 Victor Collector’s Haven silver
MS-18 Victor Collector’s Haven bronze
MS-20 Phil Mouseposito
MS-20 Phil Mouseposito Village Gifts San Jose Sharks
MS-20 Phil Mouseposito MVC San Jose Sharks
MS-21 Go Long New England stores New England Patriots SB 2002 (2)
MS-24b Lightweight
PM-2 Waterbugs Marie Claire Gifts Navy and other cool colors
N/A 1998 Collector’s Piece
N/A WFF Plaque
  • Listing ID: 440
  • Condition: Like New
  • Willing to Ship: Maybe