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Animation art – various cels available starting at $195.  All beautifully framed!

Here is a partial list of what is available for sale:

Studio Title
Chuck Jones Baby Chase
Chuck Jones Daffy Sherlock I
Chuck Jones Drip-a-Long Daffy
Chuck Jones Ducklaration
Chuck Jones Showdown I
Chuck Jones Showdown II
Duga Mad Monster Party
Duga Mad Monster Party
Filmation Groovy Ghoulies
Warner Bros. Great Piggy Bank Robbery, The
Schoolhouse Rock Verb That’s What’s Happening
Schoolhouse Rock Numbers
Schoolhouse Rock Conjunction Junction
Chuck Jones Robin Hood Daffy
Hanna-Barbera Crossing the Delaware
Chuck Jones Cowboy Bugs
Chuck Jones Sheriff Daffy
Chuck Jones Sheriff Bugs
Hanna-Barbera I Do Declare
  • Listing ID: 205
  • Condition: Excellent