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I am selling my geo-targeted micro westfield cleaning business website for residential and commercial cleaning service companies offering home / house and office / industrial cleaning services in the Westfield, Summit, Short Hills, Millburn and surrounding markets.

WestfieldCleaning.com is built and ready to be customized for your business. The site is fully indexed with the search engines with SEO optimization done on several pages. Why pay Google or Facebook for clicks when you can capture leads at no cost with a lead-generation website like this one.

Geo-targeted websites make a nice compliment to your company website and will help you attract customers searching the local markets for cleaning services.

I can customize this website for your company information and it is available for sale or for short/long term lease.

Selling for $750. GoDaddy domain appraisal website estimates value at $1059.

Westfield Cleaning Business

Coin4Clutter.com is a unique on-line listing service where sellers meet buyers for Things, Real Estate, Services, Garage Sales, Estate Sales and more.  Coin4Clutter was born out of the desire of one New Jersey native’s interest in decluttering his house and garage of things that had been accumulated over years, but no longer needed.  Having been frustrated with traditional garage and yard sales, he set out to replicate the process on-line.  Coin4Clutter.com was conceived in 2017 and brought to life in 2021.

Our website is a free-to-use directory connecting sellers with buyers.  Over the years, we all accumulate items that at some point become unwanted or unneeded.  Instead of simply letting this stuff pile up around your house, in the garage or attic, Coin4Clutter.com gives users a convenient and easy-to-use website to post the item and connect with buyers.  Coin4Clutter is free for both buyers and sellers with no posting fees, transaction fees, etc.  We’re based in New Jersey right outside of NYC, but we offer users in all 50 states the opportunity to post their clutter for others to view.  In addition to being an outlet for clutter (or “Things” as we call them), we also allow postings of estate sales, traditional garage sales, real estate and businesses.

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